Why flip flops? SlipsAfrica

Why flip flops?

‘Why flip flops?’ people asked as we spoke to them. The answer was pretty simple. Growing up in Africa, we spent most of our time outdoors and we were always told to wear our flip flops. This habit we kept since we were children. As we grew older so did our consciousness. We realised we wanted trendy but dependable flip flops.

We wanted something that would stand out. Amazing flip flops are hard to find. That versatile yet fashionable piece of clothing that transitions from beachwear to your choice of footwear for everyday chores, to a casual outing with friends on a hot day.

Slips Africa was created as we looked to make footwear that not only stood out but told a story. The perfect blend of comfort and captivating images, colours and designs portraying the essence of Africa and its heritage.

We wanted to create something for the sole of your feet from the soul of the continent. The pair of flip flops that starts a conversation, that shares a memory, allowing residents and tourists alike to have a piece of Africa with them always.

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