Our Story

SlipsAfrica is a premium Leisure clothing brand founded by Ola Sodipo and Pelu Akande. They are both huge enthusiasts of the outdoors… the beach, the desert, the sun, the city and all that comes with it.
Our desire to create the brand was born in 2017 while on holiday back home in Lagos, Nigeria where we noticed a distinct lack of leisure clothing, except for the overpriced foreign brands that many locals could not afford.
The mission quickly became to launch a clothing brand with the aim of improving the leisure clothing experience, with a fine mix of culture and amazing designs that capture the beauty, imagination and soul of the African continent.

With that, Our AfroLeisure Mantra was born. 

Our goal is to create the perfect blend of a relaxed leisure lifestyle with the sophistication of city glam; whilst capturing the essence of the African continent in every way, from its creativity, its flair for culture and design, and its ooh so electric vibe.
SlipsAfrica lives for being outdoors; in fact, our lives revolve around it and we would love nothing more than for everyone to have a piece of Africa with them always. Epitomising the expression AFRICA TO THE WORLD.
Our products are designed by our founders, with the help of African Designers across the globe.
F I N A L   N O T E
On a personal note, we’d like to thank everyone who has supported the brand and been a part of our journey so far. Our story is incomplete without you, our customer; you are the reason that we aim to be the best at what we do.
Let's journey together, wherever you choose to go!
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SlipsAfrica | Co-Founders