African Inspired Footprints...

We are huge enthusiasts of the outdoor way of life, the beach, the sun, the city and all that comes with it. At Slips Africa, we aim to improve your flip-flop experience, whilst introducing some amazing designs and imagery along the way.

The African continent captures the imagination and the soul every time you visit. Our Slip Slops capture the essence of the continent in every way, from the amazing beaches, creative people, its flair for culture and design, along with its electric vibe. We create the Slips Africa footwear collections to be the perfect blend of a relaxed seaside lifestyle with the sophistication of city glamour.

Slips Africa lives for being outdoors; in fact, our lives revolve around it – the beaches, the mountains, the deserts and the oceans. We wanted to create something for the sole of your feet from the soul of the continent. To fully embody every characterisation of the beauty that African culture represents, allowing residents and tourists alike to have a piece of Africa with them always. Epitomising the expression “AFRICA TO THE WORLD”.

"People will stare. Make it worth their while." —Harry Winston

Let's journey together, wherever you choose to go!